Ofsted and performance data

Extracts from our Ofsted report:

  • “The academy promotes inclusion and equality of opportunity.”
  • "[The school has] a good range of academic and vocational qualifications to meet students' abilities and aspirations."
  • “The academy places great importance on students’ well-being and personal development... Students say that they feel safe and well supported...”
  • “[Students] ... show a good level of respect towards each other, as well as the school environment ...”
  • “Literacy across the curriculum is well supported across all subjects with attention to reading, writing and subject specific words.”
  • “The number of English and mathematics lessons has had a positive impact on students’ literacy, reading and mathematical skills.”
  • "Teachers’ relationships with students are positive.”

The July 2015 Ofsted report can be found here.

Ofsted Report 2015

Ofsted Visit 2016

The Academy received a Section 8 monitoring visit on Monday 7th March 2016. We are delighted that the inspector recognised the impact of the hard work of students and staff and judged us to be an improving academy. Letter from the inspector is available here.

2016 Exam Headlines

After a much-improved year in 2015, results at Ark William Parker suffered a dip in 2016. We are working very hard to ensure that results go back up in 2017.

Individual outcomes for students were excellent for some and we are working now to ensure this level of excellence becomes consistent for all students in the coming years.

Progress students make in the sixth form compared to other providers

Value added refers to the progress students make based upon their prior attainment at GCSE. Students at Ark 6th Form make expected progress at the end of Key Stage 5 in academic subjects. Students achieved broadly in line with national averages for value added (50th percentile ALPS Value Added analysis).

In vocational subjects students make good progress at the end of Key Stage 5 (65th percentile ALPS Value Added Analysis).

Individual subject breakdown (end of Key Stage 5)

Average grade that students achieve in the sixth form

In 2015/16 students at the end of Key Stage 5 achieved an average grade of C+

Progress made in English and Maths


  • In 2015/16 there were 2 entries without GCSE English (both had prior attainment of a D from Year 11)
  • 2 candidates re-sat GCSE English in 2015/16 in Year 12



  • In 2015/16 there were 6 candidates without GCSE maths (all had prior attainment of a D from Year 11)
  • 6 candidates re-sat GCSE Maths in 2015/16 in Year 12



In 2015/16 student retention at the end of Key Stage 5 was 96% from a total of 88 starts with 4 students withdrawing after 12/10/2015. This figure is slightly above the national average.

Student progression

In 2015/16 at the end of Key Stage 5 74% of students progressed into further/higher education. 20% of university applicants secured places at Russell Group institutions. 11% took up employment as an apprentice with 15% moving into employment without training.

Good news stories

Performance Data

The Department for Education's school performance data for the school can be found by clicking here. 

Our Ofsted data dashboard can be found here