Intervention Sessions and Battle of Hastings Film

A schedule for Year 11 and Year 13 October half-term intervention sessions can be found here.

Battle of Hastings special report with student Aidan Kavanagah - watch the film here.

Vision and values

We aspire to create a dynamic learning community in which all students are motivated to achieve academic excellence and make a positive contribution to both the academy community and wider community. We believe in showing care and compassion through loving your neighbour as yourself.

Our core purpose is to prepare all of our students for a happy and productive life.

To secure our vision we aim to ensure that every student will:

  • Feel that they are part of a safe, supportive and caring learning community.
  • Attend lessons that are challenging, exciting and enable every student to make outstanding progress.
  • Engage fully with all aspects of learning and aspire to achieve personal excellence in all that they do.
  • Make a positive contribution to the academy community.
  • Develop the skills and attributes that will help them to become happy, responsible and successful citizens.

High Expectations

In this academy we have very high expectations of every student.

With excellent teaching every student can realise their academic potential, and by the age of 18 we expect every student to be appropriately qualified to go on to university or pursue the career of their choice. At Ark William Parker Academy we believe that everyone in our learning community is capable of excellence. We care for and respect everyone in the school community. We do not accept any excuses.

  • At GCSE we aim for a minimum of 80% of students to gain five or more good passes including English and maths.
  • In the sixth form we expect a 100% pass rate in all A Level courses.

We work closely with Ark Schools to foster strong relationships with universities and our students have access to Ark's University Success Programme. Through Ark Schools our sixth form students can apply for a number of higher education bursaries.

Knowing every child

Ark William Parker Academy is committed to providing the very best care and support for all our students. Every student will be a member of a year group led by a Head of Year and team of tutors. This team will gain an excellent knowledge of the students in their care and ensure that each is appropriately supported and challenged. Member so the Senior Leadership Team will oversee this structure.

Our experienced Special Educational Needs Team ensures that specialist support is promptly put in place for any student experiencing difficulties.

  • Knowing our students well is central to our success.
  • The academy is committed to ensuring that each student is individually supported in maximising their academic and social potential.


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