Scholarship Application Form for Performing Arts and Sports

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to tell you that Ark have provided some funding for a few Sports and Arts Scholarships. This is to recognise exceptional achievement or potential in sports and the arts, and therefore, it will be measured through an application process. The closing date for application forms is Friday 7th December 2018. A printable version of the form can be found here. We welcome all applications however, funding will be limited.

Scholarship email application form for Performing Arts and Sports

The latest letter from Yvonne Powell, Executive Principal, can be found here.

Behaviour policy

Behaviour and Ethos Policy

Aims of whole school behaviour policy

  • to reflect the values expressed in our mission statement
  • to make clear the positive and constructive rules of conduct as agreed by governors, staff, parents and students
  • to set the framework for rewarding positive and responsible behaviour
  • to make explicit the procedures to be followed and sanctions applied should behaviour fall below these standards

The objectives of the whole school behaviour policy

  • to ensure the school is a safe and supportive environment for all
  • to ensure that all members of the school community are shown respect and show respect for others
  • to encourage a positive approach to behaviour by good example and praise and reward for good behaviour
  • to ensure that the environment, curriculum, and other factors within the Academy’s control are monitored to ensure the promotion of good behaviour
  • to ensure that where behaviour falls short of accepted standards, procedures are followed and sanctions are applied quickly, fairly and consistently

As a community it is essential that we recognise that this policy must apply to the behaviour of all its members and to all adults (teachers, other staff, parents/ carers and visitors) as well as to our students. Only by example can we teach and demand good standards of behaviour from those whose education is entrusted to us.

We also recognise that the success of the policy depends on the full support of parents.  To this end The Home/ School Agreement has been drawn up which reflects the expectations of all Ark academies.

Behaviour and Ethos Policy

For more information, or to request a paper copy, please contact