What we do

Every Friday, lesson 4, Ark William Parker students participate in one of 23 activities across the academy. This develops our core values of FAITH and PERSEVERANCE. These include sports, cooking, art, music and mindfulness. There is an emphasis on team work and creativity. Activities are of mixed age groups and encourage new friendships and working relationships between staff and students and peers.

All activities will have a final outcome, such as a presentation to parents, staff and other students, or another way where the product can be shared, exhibited or displayed.

All students will finish the activity having achieved something as part of a group and as part of a personal developmental process.

Why we do it

The aim is to develop the whole child and offer opportunities and experiences beyond the academic subjects studied for GCSEs.  These should result in ‘real’ outcomes which can be central to all students’ CVs, personal statements and records of achievement.

The aim is also to develop relationships and enhance the core curriculum, feeding into our core values of RESPECT and ACHIEVEMENT.


All current activities will run until Christmas.

New choices will be made for terms 3 and 4, or the same activities but for different students will be offered.

Activity list:

  • School of Rock 
  • Roll the dice  
  • Rugby   
  • Just the job  
  • I Like to move it  
  • That’s my business 
  • Magical mystery
  • Basketball
  • Grow it cook it
  • Take a chill pill
  • Football fever 
  • Weight a minute 
  • Pond and beyond  
  • Have your cake 
  • Become a writer 
  • Reading for pleasure  
  • Check mate 
  • Band for beginners 
  • American football 
  • Photography 
  • Forensic fever 
  • Badminton 
  • Cooking on a budget

Current success stories

School of Rock has combined with the Band for Beginners - resulting in a vibrant range of musical workshops each work with the aim of performing in the Christmas end of term assemblies. Students have been teaching each other which is one of the benefits of this programme.

Rugby, football, American Football, weights, badminton and basketball are hugely over subscribed and popular. The main idea here is to feed in to House points as House competitions are played.

Rugby has been especially successful in terms of linking with the rugby club who have offered their own coaches to run Friday afternoon sessions.

Tournaments/matches with other schools are also planned.

‘Just the Job’ has been popular and effective in offering real, practical advice and training for interviews, public speaking and applying for work.

The pond area has already been transformed with further plans to create water features and sculptures from re-cycled rubbish around the site.

The kitchen garden has made huge progress. Donations of seeds, top soil and tools would be gratefully received. Plans are afoot to bring in outside support. This project will be developed further as scarecrows, wind chimes and a mural can be created around the area.

Magical mystery has proven to be hugely popular. Boys have learnt new tricks and plan to extend the project by creating their own magic sets and the packaging for these, maybe to sell at Christmas markets to raise money for charity. This epitomises the wider reaching purpose and value of an enrichment activity.

Students who could not sleep and who had anger issues have enthused about Take a Chill Pill. The activity is led by Ms Grimmer who has a genuine qualification in this area.

Fantastic cakes and pizzas and curries have so far been made in the baking and cooking on a budget activities.

There has been some great creative writing which is being entered in to National and local competitions.

Photography skills have combined with the superb forensics course to take pictures of crime scenes.

Students are making animated movies which will be shown in the future.

Enrichment has been successful and fulfilling

We have received some lovely feedback from our students -

"I've learnt a lot about how they make films. I really like stop motion now." (I like to move it student)

"I've learnt to control my anger." (Take a chill pill student)

"I enjoy school more, and like learning more about a different sport." (American football student)

"It helps us out with career ideas." (Pond and beyond student)