Exams and revision

Exam information

Be prepared for your exams:

  • You must arrive on time with all the equipment you need to complete your exam. ASK YOUR TEACHER WHAT YOU NEED! 
  • You should line up in your rows at the back of the ABJ at least 10 minutes before the starting time of your exam. 
  • You MUST write in BLACK ink or ball point pen in ALL of your exams. 
  • You can bring WATER in a CLEAR plastic bottle. No other drinks will be allowed. 
  • Go to the toilet BEFORE your exam. 


You will not be allowed to leave the exam room once the exam has started! 

You will NOT be allowed your mobile phones. If you bring yours with you then it MUST be in your bag SWITCHED OFF. If you prefer we will look after it for you and hand it back to you at the end of the exam.


Year 10 

Year 10 Summer Assessments week commencing Monday 13th June.

Please see link below for the Year 10 assessment week timetable.

  • All assessments will be undertaken in class and the subject teacher will be advising students on what to revise.
  • Those subjects not listed will be completing coursework or the controlled assessment elements of their subject syllabus. English and Maths will be sat in the Main Examination Hall and details of these dates will be put on the website as soon as available after the initial assessment week.
  • The results from the assessments will be used along with those undertaken this past year to write an end of term report towards the end of the Summer Term.

The Year 10 Summer assessment schedule can be found here.

Year 10 Summer Assessment Schedule

Year 10 Citizenship Revision

Year 10 RE Revision


Year 11

The GCSE timetable for Summer 2016 can be found here.

GCSE Timetable - Summer 2016

Year 11 Revision Guides

Applied Business Unit 2 Revision Topics

Art Revision Guide

Catering Revision Guide

Computing Revision Guide

Drama Revision Guide

Economics Revision Guide - Unit 11

Economics Revision Guide - Unit 12

English Language Revision Guide

English Literature Revision Guide 1

English Literature Revision Guide 2

French Revision Guide

Geography Revision Guide

Graphics Revision Guide

Graphics - Revision List for Mock GCSE

History Revision Guide

Mathematics - Foundation Revision Guide

Mathematics - Higher Revision Guide

Mathematics - IGCSE Revision Guide

Media Studies pre-release briefing sheet

Media Studies revision Guide

Music Revision Guide

PE GCSE Revision Guide

RE - Revision Guide

RE - Revision Guide Unit 1

RE - Revision Guide Unit 8

Resistant Materials - Revision List for Mock GCSE

Resistant Materials Revision Guide

Science (Triple) Revision Guide

Science (Additional) Revision Guide

Science (Core) Revision Guide

Spanish Revision Guide

Sociology Revision Guide