Extra-curricular activities.

Monday Lunch Y9 Cricket (Blue Hall) Mr Morgans
Monday Lunch Y10 Fitness Mr Morris
Tuesday Lunch Y8 Cricket (Blue Hall) Mr Eldridge
Tuesday Lunch Y10 Indoor Football (Old Sports Hall) Mr Morris
Tuesday Lunch Y9 Athletics Mr Morgans
Tuesday After school Y7-Y10 Athletics Mr Elford         

Mr Eldridge

Mr Morris

Tuesday After school Y7-Y9 Rugby Mr Martellini         

Mr Stinson

Wednesday Lunch Y9 Football/Basketball (Old Sport Hall) Mr Morgans
Wednesday Lunch Y10 Football (Blue Hall) Mr Morris
Thursday Lunch Y7-Y10 Basketball (Old Sports Hall) Mr Keigher
Thursday Lunch Y9-Y10 Weights Mr Elford
Thursday Lunch Y7 Cricket (Blue Hall) Mr Eldridge
Thursday After school Y10 Basketball Mr Keigher
Thursday After school Y7-Y10 Cricket Fixtures Mr Elford  

Mr Eldridge

Mr Morgans

Friday Lunch Y9 Weights Mr Morgans
Friday Lunch Y10 Basketball (Old Sports Hall) Mr Morris
Friday After school American Football Mr Barsby


Homework Club

Our homework club runs from 3.15pm until 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the Library.

This is a great opportunity for students who need extra help with their homework or just want to do their homework in a quiet place.

Students - If that's you, then the Homework Club is the place for you. Come one, come all...