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Ark William Parker Academy seeks former students

Did you go to Ark William Parker Academy? If you’re a former student who would like to support current students, we would love to hear from you!

Right now, there are students in the assembly hall where you once sat, facing similar challenges and opportunities that you did. Being connected to you could really help them.

Ark William Parker Alumni Network: Why stay in touch?

“William Parker is a great stepping stone to other things - I want to help people believe in the step forward they can take from such a good school.” James, a former student.

Join a network of former Ark William Parker students and inspire others about what they can achieve.

  • Stay connected: Updates on upcoming events and all the latest alumni news sent directly to your inbox.
  • Helping others: Would you have benefitted from hearing from former students about life after school when you were here? Help a current student to learn from your experiences in education and the world of work!
  • Give an insight into what you do: From the importance of skills development through to ‘how to stand out’, support current William Parker boys to get a step ahead and help them learn how they can make the most of opportunities now.
  • Connect with others: Meet other former students and keep in touch with old friends. There are plenty of opportunities to attend school events and alumni socials.

More than 90,000 former students across Britain have already signed up to stay connected with their old school. They’re inspiring young people in a number of ways; as career and education role models, mentors or e-mentors, work experience providers, governors, donors or fundraisers.

It doesn’t matter when you left school, whether you’re in further education or employment, whether you still live nearby or have moved further away, there are still ways you can help!

Former students can sign up by clicking here.



Since leaving Ark William Parker in 2011 with A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Government and Politics and History, Jamie went on to study for a undergraduate and Master's degree in History and Politics at Queen Mary, University of London. After working as a Parliamentary Assistant for Amber Rudd MP, he is now a Junior Account Executive for a global communications agency. 


Martin left Ark William Parker in 1991 and went on to study Travel and Tourism at Hastings College, now Sussex Coast College. Having found his feet in the hospitality and tourism industry, he relocated to the United States over 20 years ago and is now the Regional Director of Sales for a luxury hotel company.


Passionate about music, James left Ark William Parker in 1994 to study for an undergraduate degree at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and then for a Master’s at the University of Surrey. Wanting to inspire others and help them to develop musically, James is now using his talents in the classroom as a teacher.