Ark William Parker Dining

Our menus offer a wide variety of choices

Food at Ark William Parker Dining is provided by Accent Catering. Accent have a ‘freshly cooked from top quality raw ingredients’ approach and all of our food is freshly made, every day, by the onsite catering team. The three week menu cycle is ever evolving, depending on seasonality and popularity, and introduces new concepts and flavours to the students. We regularly seek feedback to make sure we are meeting the needs of the students and that we are stretching their culinary palates too! 

Our menus offer a wide variety of choices: a daily “theme” dish from around the world, including Chinese inspired pork stir fry with noodles; classic Italian lasagne and the ever popular traditional British baked fish and chips on Fridays. There are plenty of healthy choices, like our homemade yoghurt and fruit pots, salad boxes and cut fruit bags. We also offer a soup, filled jacket potatoes and a range of filled sandwiches, baguettes and rolls that are made fresh every day, plus a range of homemade flapjacks, brownies and cookies.

Feedback from the students told us that getting out, on to the playing fields, at lunch time, was important to them, so our ‘Street Food’ ready-boxed hot offers have proved a big hit. The students are able to grab a box of steaming ‘Thai chicken curry with rice’ or delicious ‘beef stew and dumplings’ ready to go straight from the hot plate. In addition, the students can add their own take on flavours from our ‘Flavour Zone’. A range of toppers from chilli flakes, wasabi peas, crispy onions and a variety of seeds can be added to any dishes to add flavours and textures as required. This has proved really popular with some great feedback.

Food is also available at break time for our free school meal students. A small selection of break time food is shown below.

For further information or an application form for free school meals please contact Lisa White on 01424 448311 or email

Week 1 commencing 26th September 2016

Week 2 commencing 3rd October 2016

Week 3 commencing 10th October 2016