House Events

In September 2017, Ark William Parker relaunched its House system to further develop our ethos and culture across the school. Saxon, Parker and Saunders took part in a number of House events, creating greater competition and participation, bringing together the communities within the Academy. Throughout the year, every student in the Academy participated in a number of House events.

In September 2018, we welcomed our new year 7 students who have had a significant impact on the House system already. They have eagerly joined their Houses with great enthusiasm and a desire to win! Our first event was House University Challenge.

This year Mrs Hodgkin, Mr Sully and Miss Clark, hope to make the House events even bigger and better! There will be new events, involving every subject area, to ensure that all students take part. Saxon are hoping for a second win to ensure they remain the top House across the Academy. Saunders will be fighting to regain their crown after narrowly missing out to Saxon after a three-year reign. Parker should not be underestimated as they have a hunger to win and show everyone that they are a contender.

During 2017-18, the Houses supported a charity chosen by the students in their House. Saxon supported Unicef and over the course of the year they raised £627.17. Saunders supported Macmillan cancer support and raised £759.11. Parker supported Demelza and raised £370.67.

This year our Houses will be supporting: Saunders - Save the Children (international), Saxon - St Michael's Hospice, Parker - Cancer Research.


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