Important news

Parent / Carers: The consultation on the proposal to bring Ark William Parker and Ark Helenswood together as one co-educational school has now launched. You can find out more information and give us your views by visiting the consultation website:

Extra-curricular activities: a new list of activities for this term can be found here.

House Events

Ark William Parker Academy relaunched its house system and is determined to continue to develop its historic culture.

This year, the house system has returned to three of its original houses; Saxon, Parker and Saunders; creating greater competition and participation. The focus is to bring all age groups together to achieve a common goal.

Our House events have begun with great earnest!

During our first week, staff competed to create an advert to welcome staff to the houses. Parker won with Saxon coming second and Saunders third.

Marbles Run

The first House event for students was the Marble Run. In tutor groups, the students competed in small groups to create their own marble run using a set amount of materials and working as a team. Tutors chose the best marble run from each tutor and then Heads of House chose the best overall. These winners went forward to compete in the overall challenge.

Each team were given a 2 metre strip of sticky tape, 8 drinking straws, a newspaper and a cardboard box. They had 30 minutes to produce the most  effective and imaginative marble run. The overall winners were decided by Ms Newman and Ms Bessa with 15 points being awarded to Parker House, 10 points to Saxon House and 5 points to Saunders. 


Event Teacher Challenge Parker - 15 Saunders - 5 Saxon - 10
  Marble Run Parker - 15 Saunders - 5 Saxon - 10
  Cross Country Parker - 5 Saunders - 15 Saxon - 10
  House Xmas Quiz Parker - 5 Saunders - 10 Saxon - 15
  House Quiz Parker - 5 Saunders - 15 Saxon - 15
  Basketball Parker - 10 Saunders - 5 Saxon - 15
  Dodgeball Parker - 5 Saunders - 15 Saxon - 10
  Tower Block Egg Parker - 10 Saunders - 5 Saxon - 15
  House Football Parker - 5 Saunders - 10 Saxon - 15
  House Athletics Parker - 5 Saunders - 10 Saxon - 15
  Spelling Bee Parker - 10 Saunders - 5 Saxon - 15
Total   Parker = 90 Saunders = 100 Saxon = 145

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