Drones and an amazing dancing, talking robot!

BAE systems visited our academy to present a roadshow designed, with partners the RAF and the Royal Navy, for 9-13 year olds. The Schools Roadshow is a fun, live interactive presentation, curriculum-aligned with the aim to inspire whilst still meeting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum objectives.

The roadshow was watched by all year 7 students and selected students from years 8 and 9. The roadshow enlightened students about the importance of control systems and computer technology in all aspects of present day life, helping them see the connection between what they study in school and the day to day applications in the real world.

The first part of the performance took a close look at drones, or unmanned craft. Students learnt about the many different kinds of drone, from unmanned ‘Google’ cars to tiny ‘bots’ that can be used in medicine. They also had a practical and fun demonstration with a remote controlled flying drone; the drone filmed the audience in real time allowing them to see themselves live on the big screen.

The second part of the show focused on how computers work and the students participated in some practical activities to help them understand how the binary system works and also how computers spot an error.

Our students were amazed by the final part of the performance which featured a talking, dancing, sensing, ‘thinking' android robot, showing just how advanced robotics can be.

Daniel, a year 7 student who took an active part in the roadshow, said "They let us watch a cool mini robot. The lady asked the robot a question and it responded. It was even able to do a little martial arts dance without falling over. I couldn’t have done it!"