Sketch and Golf - a novel idea!

Year 7 and 8 students have completed a project that helps to link their creative side to the sporting arena. The Go Sketch Project, which is organised by Future Proof CIC, aims to help engage students in developing their artistic talents alongside learning new skills within a particular sport - in this case, Golf. Shaun Creasey from Cooden Beach Golf Club ran the sessions in conjunction with Mr Morris, PE Teacher and Careers Lead at our school, and Tom Hall from Future Proof CIC who manages the project.

The aim of the course, from the artistic side, was to create a logo using different phrases from the golfing world and create a character and team name that would be printed on a t-shirt for the boys to keep. Bandit Blast and the Parker Eagles were the names that were chosen. From the golfing side of the project, students were able to learn and practise the different skills involved in golf and develop their putting and chipping skills.

The course also involved some sessions that were delivered in partnership with Natwest, who helped fund the course. These sessions involved students learning about budgeting and the different bank cards that exist. They were also able to develop their marketing skills by investigating the different ways that they could encourage more students into the game of golf.

On the final session of the project, students were given the opportunity to visit Cooden Beach Golf Club and compete against each other in a small skills challenge, where they received their t-shirt and golf club.

Graham Morris said, “The course was a great success. The students were fully engaged throughout the project and enjoyed every minute. Some of them have now joined one of the local golf clubs and a few are now considering studying Art as one of their GCSE subjects in the future."

Tom Hall, “We were really pleased with how the group engaged in all aspects of the project. The original designs created by the students were great and it was interesting to see how they responded to the enterprise and budgeting tasks that were brought in by NatWest. The enterprise session aimed at getting more young people playing golf was really insightful and brilliant to see creative thinking in action."

Shaun Creasey said, “I’m really pleased the students enjoyed the project and great seeing the polo shirts and clubs for presentation. The Go Sketch Project at Ark William Parker Academy in association with The Golf Foundation and Future proof has enabled a group of students to learn the fundamentals of the game of golf. Over the past 8 weeks the students have engaged in developing there techniques and hitting more consistent golf shots as well as improving there putting skills, this hopefully will encourage the students to develop their golf games further."

Year 7 student comments:

Alfie said “I thought that is was a very fun experience and that has got me more interested in golf and design.”

Jake said “I thought the programme was amazing to inspire students to start to play golf. I thought it was really useful to learn the different aspects of golf.”

James said “I thought it was a great programme and it made me better at golf. My drawings and art skills are getting better because of the Go Sketch part of the programme.”