Students enjoy testing the latest technology

Students were given the opportunity to use some of the latest technology at a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshop run by BAE Systems. BAE systems are a defence, aerospace and security company who work in conjunction with the RAF and Royal Navy to build planes, ships, submarines and land based vehicles.

The BAE representatives provided an engaging presentation, which is designed to inspire excitement in STEM subjects.

Our Year 7 and 8 students were delighted to see the advanced technology and were keen to take part in the interactive experience; they volunteered eagerly to use the equipment. Wearing night vision goggles, they were set a task to find, open and describe the contents of numbered boxes in a blackout tent. Contact was kept with the aid of a microphone so the audience could hear what was happening inside the tent; they were amused to hear noises of surprise when the boxes were opened - laughter when the teddy was found and gasps on the appearance of a snake!

The students were fascinated with the demonstration of ‘Sphero’ robots, which are small balls that can be controlled via programming software or via a tablet and stylus. Students volunteered for the next challenge and were given the chance to programme the sphero app-enabled drones. They had fun putting the spheros into action, manoeuvring around cones and racing them.

Mr Morris, Careers Lead said, “The students really enjoyed all of the activities that were on show. They particularly enjoyed seeing how the night vision goggles worked and now understand why this type of technology is designed and built.”

Mr Elford, Head of PE watched the show and said, “It was an eye opening experience for our students. They were engaged in the concepts being delivered and fully immersed themselves in the practical demonstrations. The students in particular enjoyed the robot balls and how they were programmed to operate independent of human control.”

One student said “I really enjoyed the STEM assembly because the people made it very interactive and creative. I wouldn’t mind doing something like this in the future because it looks fun.”

Another student said “The STEM assembly was very fun and educational. We learnt a lot in the assembly including how phone calls happen.”

Ms Elms, who saw the show twice, said “It was a high energy, interactive experience for the students. They saw many different creative demonstrations behind every day and new technologies.”