Students get to try a different ‘Game’

Year 10 students had the great opportunity to take part in the “Game Changer”, an initiative from the Food Teachers Centre to make students more aware of Game food.

Pheasants were donated to the school for students to prepare and cook, allowing them to increase their knowledge of game and develop high skills for practicals.

Teacher Mrs O’Connor said “We are thrilled and excited to participate in this project; the engagement and enthusiasm from our students has been incredible. It’s wonderful that a new generation will understand game and know how to cook it.

“With the new exam courses, students have to demonstrate high-level skills, such as preparing meat. They are expected to understand how animals are reared and prepared so this project is perfect for them. Students also learn about the contribution of seasonal, local and nutritious foods to modern and traditional British cuisine. Some of them have never seen a pheasant before, let alone cooked one!

“In the past, a lack of ingredients prevented students from cooking game. So hopefully this programme will allow thousands more youngsters to cook with it and give them the chance to try some new recipes.”

After all their hard work preparing, cooking and washing up, the aspiring young chefs had time to sit down and enjoy eating their pheasant dishes.

Student Ethan said “I’m cooking a pheasant for my family on Friday so this is a great opportunity to learn how to prepare it. This is really good practice for my practical exams.”

Taste of Game and The Food Teachers Centre launched in June and it has already engaged with more than 200 schools.

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