A visit to Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters

Twenty Year 10 students were given the opportunity to visit the new European headquarters of Bloomberg in the city of London. Bloomberg is an American company, owned by Mike Bloomberg the 9th richest person in the world, and delivers business and market news, data, analysis and video to the world, featuring stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg news.

The students were given a presentation by two of the leading journalists in the company about what the company does and how and what is reported. The students were given a tour of the new building which took 10 years to build at a cost of £1bn and sets new standards for sustainability and innovation. They were impressed at how ‘state of the art’ the building was and some of the innovative ways that they designed the offices.

The students were also amazed by the many different roles that Bloomberg offers - they even have their own Marine Biologist!

Teacher Mr Morris said “It was a great opportunity for our students to see what it would be like to travel and work in London. The students were also able to gain a real insight into how a highly successful company functions. I hope this trip will have inspired some of them to think ‘big’ when looking at what job to do in the future.”

Student Jack said, “The trip itself was an interesting day out. It was nice to see what goes on in the company and how they actually create the news. Personally, something I found interesting was the amount of effort they put in to be an eco-friendly and respected company.”

Student Aaron said, “I found it very interesting learning about the company. It was also good to learn about different parts of journalism.”

Student John said, “There was nice food, the building was really cool and the tour was amazing. It was fun hearing about the company itself; the Roman artefacts that were found when building the offices and also about the Roman temple that is in the basement.”