Responsible Use of Digital Technology

Pupils’ Responsible Use of Digital Technology Agreement

It’s really important that everyone on our campus uses IT in a responsible way. We all know how much technology changes our lives and all the things that we can do when we use computers that we couldn’t do without them. However, we probably all also know that whilst technology can be very useful to us, it can also be dangerous for us and others if used wrongly - people can access illegal or harmful things and technology can be used to do harm to others. 

We are committed at Ark William Parker to keeping people safe at all times - one of our values is respect - treating ourselves and others well, caring for ourselves and others; we believe that every single human being has great value and no one should ever be harmed - including ourselves.

Therefore, we need students to agree with our rules for using technology in this academy if they are to use our equipment.

  • Students will be given an agreement which they will have to sign and date at the bottom.
  • The bullet points on the agreement will be read out loud to students, to give them the chance to ask questions, so we can check that they all understand exactly what they are agreeing to.
  • Anyone who refuses to sign this sheet will not be able to use any technology in this academy and parents will be notified if that is the case.

Details of the agreement are set out below.

Pupils’ Responsible Use of Digital Technology

At Ark William Parker excellent computer facilities and internet access are provided to support students’ learning. We require students to sign up to and respect the following rules to ensure that digital technology is used responsibly and safely at all times:

  1. I will only use the Academy’s computers to support my learning, using my own login and password, which I will keep secret
  2. I will only use the internet responsibly and for educational purposes
  3. I will only use the Academy’s email system to communicate with members of the school community and for educational purposes.  I will not use third party email systems such as Hotmail.
  4. The messages I send will be polite and sensible. I will not use ICT to bully, upset or insult anyone
  5. I will not give my home address, phone number or other personal details or images to anyone, or arrange to meet them, unless a member of staff has given me permission
  6. I will tell a member of staff if I receive a message or witness anything inappropriate that contravenes this policy
  7. I will not access other people’s files without their permission
  8. I will not visit inappropriate or banned websites, such as those that exhibit pornographic, sexist, racist or homophobic material
  9. I will not access social networking sites or chat rooms whilst at the Academy
  10. I will not listen to music unless it is a required part of my lesson
  11. I will not record, publish or distribute images or videos of other members of the Academy community without formal permission
  12. I will not use digital technology in any way to bring the Academy into disrepute
  13. I will not use or attempt to use external memory devices e.g. USBs at AWP.

I understand that the Academy will check my computer files and monitor the internet sites I visit and/or emails I send/receive. I agree that if I fail to follow the rules outlined above, my access to the internet and/or the computer network will be affected and I will face sanctions as outlined in the Academy’s Positive Behaviour for Learning Policy.