An entertaining day, learning about health and well-being

Ark William Parker held its first PSHRE ‘drop down’ with a specific focus on health and well-being on Thursday 10 November.

The learning outcomes in Year 7 were to explore health and hygiene; working in groups, students created colourful, informative posters. Year 8 developed their understanding of basic first aid, learning how to use the recovery position and what to do in this situation - students also looked at what it is like to have an asthma attack. Year 9 had a focus on smoking, drugs and alcohol, they also had a specific event on subjects and jobs in order to prepare them for their future option choices - this was led by Future First and alumnus (ex-students from William Parker). Year 10 had a focus on dealing with stress, emotional health and well-being.

A number of organisations took part including the British Red Cross supporting students in basic first aid management and Terence Higgins Trust explaining issues on HIV/AIDs with Year 10. Performance in Education led an hour long performance on road safety and distraction issues, which informed students of the implications and possible results of their actions. 

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