Students to benefit from East Sussex Health Improvement Grant

Ark William Parker is delighted to announce that the academy been awarded a £10,000 Health Improvement Grant by East Sussex County Council.

This money has been secured in order to promote health and well-being within the academy. It will fund new equipment for the PE department to engage students in sporting activities, including the introduction of American Football within the academy’s enrichment programme. New resources and interactive activities will be purchased for the food technology department to help with promoting healthy lifestyles.

The fund will also support the development of teaching and learning for Personal Social Health and Religious Education (PSHRE) with drop down days for students to learn about healthy eating, diet and physical fitness. An allocation of the funds has also been agreed for staff training needs to enhance the development of Personal Social Health Education (PSHE).

The grant was awarded through the development of a health action plan by the PSHRE coordinator, the PE department and food technology.

PSHRE coordinator Collette Iglinski said, “We are thrilled to have been awarded this grant. We recognise that health and wellbeing is central to the effective learning of our students; this grant will provide additional funds to address their health and wellbeing priorities, enabling our students to achieve their full potential.”