Bishop Richard of Lewes leads Easter Eucharist

Just before Easter we welcomed Bishop Richard of Lewes to lead the Easter Eucharist at our academy. Rev. Luke Dean, incumbent chaplain, invited the Bishop to lead the worship and extended the invitation for him to observe the academy in its teaching and learning. We also welcomed a number of the academy governors to the Eucharist. 

This was the first formal Eucharist worship in the school in the last two years. Previously, Eucharist has been an informal and smaller affair in the school Chapel. However, as we near the Academy’s 400th anniversary the decision has been taken to develop Eucharist in a larger capacity than before.

The Eucharist took place in the main hall for years 7 and 8 during period 1 and years  9 and 10 during period 2. At the start of each service, student John led the procession into the hall. During the services, Milo and Sam shared reading the gospel and reading the intercessions. All students were given the opportunity to take bread and (non-alcoholic) wine or receive a blessing from the Bishop; they also shook hands as a sign of peace. A special mention goes to sixth form student Yafet for his expert piano playing as students entered the hall.

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