Hastings student is heading to Canada for the opportunity of a lifetime

Student Dillan Compton is celebrating after being awarded the opportunity of a lifetime to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to Canada. The 18 day expedition with Outward Bound Canada is provided by the Stuart Horne Bursary, which seeks to support teenagers through funding scholarships to universities, schools and outdoor leadership/wilderness programs. The aim is to provide transformational experiences by taking students out of their normal, routine environment, and supporting them in a space where they can engage with nature, face impactful challenges, and work in a team environment.

Year 11 student Dillan heard about the program from his teacher Ms Iglinski; he thought it sounded interesting so he looked online to find out more and decided to apply. From then on, he underwent a rigorous application and interview process, which included 2 phone interviews and a face to face interview; he displayed motivation, resilience, open-mindedness and physical fitness.

Dillan will join other students on the program, which uses the challenges and inspiration of the natural environment - rivers, lakes, mountains and oceans - to bring out the best in everyone. The students will learn outdoor survival and adventure skills, hike through mountain ranges, learn to canoe and camp. They will also develop long-lasting attributes of courage, resilience, responsibility, persistence, integrity, compassion and the ability to work well with others - qualities that will last a lifetime.

Dillan was beaming as he explained that initially he didn't realise he got a place, “Finding out that I had been chosen for the program was a real shock, in fact when they phoned to tell me I had been picked, it didn't sink in - I didn't realise what they were saying. When it finally hit me that I had got a place, excitement took over. I told my parents and at first they didn't believe me but then they received a phone call to confirm it - they said they are so proud and hope my brothers will follow in my footsteps.

“I am so excited about this trip as I have never been abroad before. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, going camping and canoeing. I feel really proud and am so happy that I have been given this amazing opportunity - all my effort and hard work has paid off.”
At Ark William Parker, Dillan has been e-mentored by an Oxford University student since Year 10. He has also gone on two residential visits to Oxford which have instilled the possibility of going to Oxford. Dillan has previously done voluntary work for Oxfam and in the future would like to go to Oxford to study law.

Director of PSHRE, Collette Iglinski, said, “As a school we are thrilled that Dillan, through due diligence, preparation and resilience has been selected for the Stuart Horne Bursary. He put a lot of effort into his application and researched the program in preparation for his interviews. Dillan is only the second student from our school to achieve a place on this prestigious Outward Bound adventure and we wish him well on his first venture out of this country. We are sure this will prove to be an unforgettable experience for Dillan.”