On track for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

In order to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, a group of our Year 10 students spent the weekend away on an assessment expedition.

They had previously gone on a successful training and practice weekend in preparation for this assessment and were keen to get out on the ground. On Friday evening, with rucksacks, maps and route cards ready, they met with the centre leader at the assessment centre in Cranbrook. The students eagerly set up tents and with 40 teams from around the county at the centre, camp craft was tested as space was at a premium.

The students spent two days and nights having their training challenged in the Wealden countryside; they walked a planned route, covering up to 12 miles a day, using a map, compass and route card; they had to carry all their equipment which was a quarter of their body weight and included a tent, cooker, food, water and clothing, as well as emergency equipment. They also faced a variety of weather conditions – from a warm, sunny Saturday to waking up to 3 hours of pouring rain on Sunday morning, in which they had to have breakfast, get prepared and pack tents, followed by very humid conditions. The students got tired, some had aching backs and some got sore feet; despite this they all remained buoyant in spirits and the expedition ended around 4pm on Sunday at Rolvenden.

The exhausted students, were relieved and elated when they were informed that they had successfully passed this phase of the award.

Mr Burchell, centre leader said, “With all students passing the expedition phase this weekend, it only now leaves the other three elements to be completed to achieve the converted Bronze Award. I have no doubts that all will complete the award with some setting their sights on the next level of Silver and possible Gold awards.”

Throughout the expedition, the students developed their skills of communication, commitment, leadership and teamwork; they demonstrated their new learning in setting up their accommodation for the evening and cooking on the gas trangiers. 

Click on the thumbnail below to view a slideshow of photos from the Duke of Edinburgh weekends.