An opportunity for calm, quiet reflection

During the week beginning 15th May, the Religion and Philosophy department invited the Christian School Workers Hastings team to run the annual summer prayer spaces. Prayer space is an opportunity for calm, quiet reflection in what can be quite a busy time for students.

This year's theme was Treasure, which enabled the students to consider their lives and values as well as their hopes for the future and what they strive to achieve and be. There were 8 activities for the students to explore what they treasure and see as precious, these ranged from putting messages on an empty chair to making pipe cleaner 'treasure' for the pirate ship.

Eight classes participated in the event which was linked to their RE studies on prayer and pilgrimage. The space was open at break and lunch for all other students, with a number of Year 11 students using the space as a quiet spot before exams in the morning; over 300 students took part in some aspect of the event.

Our students really appreciated the prayer space and commented -

"This is very fun and good."

"It's very calm and peaceful in this room."

"I like this room because it is very peaceful and nice to come into. It's good for people who are upset and depressed."

"Very, very fun and nice activities."

"It is fun and peaceful."

"This room is really relaxing and fun."

Our thanks go to Lucy, Peter and the team at Christian School Workers Hastings.


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