Students vote in mock election in Hastings

On 8 June students at Ark William Parker Academy participated in their own democratic process for the election.

During the last few weeks, as part of their SMSC (Spiritual Moral Social Cultural) programme, students have been learning through tutor led activities about British values and in particular democracy. They have been analysing the party manifestos and exploring their strengths and weaknesses.

On Election Day, Vice Principal Claire Bessa led an assembly outlining the candidates from Hastings and their aims for our area. Students then received a ballot slip, went to a polling point and decided their vote. The results of this mock election were: Labour 71.3%, Conservative 18.5%, Liberal Democrats 7.7% and Green Party 2.4%.

PHSRE Coordinator Mrs Iglinski said, “Although our students are not yet old enough to vote they enjoyed the process of learning about and participating in a mock election. They responded enthusiastically to developing their political literacy and actively engaged in the electoral process.”