Primary students enjoy a Duke of Edinburgh themed day

On Thursday 15th June, we welcomed incoming Year 6 students to the first of our transition days. The day was based around the principles of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) programme; students developed teamwork skills, improved a physical activity, learnt how to put up tents, practiced their first aid skills, worked on their catering skills  and completed an orienteering task to replicate the expedition phase of the programme.

The day was fully supported by our Year 10 students who this year took part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh programme at the academy. They got to work with students they had never met, from other primary schools, making new friends in readiness for September.

Year 6 student Theo said, “I was nervous at the start of the day but it's been great and I'm really looking forward to coming here. It was good to mix the students from all the different schools as we got to know them and made new friends. We did orienteering, put up tents, cooking and first aid. I liked the first aid most as it was fun to wrap bandages. I also learnt that if you have a cut arm you have to hold it up to stop the blood coming out.”

Archie said, “I found the day very helpful - it's good to see what the school is really like. I really enjoyed the activities; cooking has been my favourite so far. The students and teachers are really nice and I have made lots of new friends.”

Sean said, “It's nice here. I enjoyed cooking the best and playing football. The school is really smart and I'm looking forward to coming here in September.”

By the end of the day, all students left with positive memories and a newly gained confidence in readiness for their transition to a new school. Along with confidence they also took away chocolate chip muffins that they had made during the cooking skills session. A fantastic day was had by all.

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