Scholarship Application Form for Performing Arts and Sports

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to tell you that Ark have provided some funding for a few Sports and Arts Scholarships. This is to recognise exceptional achievement or potential in sports and the arts, and therefore, it will be measured through an application process. The closing date for application forms is Friday 7th December 2018. A printable version of the form can be found here. We welcome all applications however, funding will be limited.

Scholarship email application form for Performing Arts and Sports

The latest letter from Yvonne Powell, Executive Principal, can be found here.

A showcase of inspirational artwork

Our annual Art Exhibition was, as always, a great success. The event showcased the diverse range of talent from Year 10, GCSE and A Level students.

The displays, which filled the main hall, looked wonderful with a fine selection of work on show and something to suit all tastes. Guests viewed an array of inspirational artwork which covered a huge variety of topics. The works were created using a wide range of media, processes and techniques including photo screen printing, fine art painting and photo mosaicking.

Head of Art Sonny Woodhead said, “The exhibition was a true celebration of what our students are capable of. There have been lots of fantastic comments from parents and staff praising their work. 

“So far this year, two of our students have been accepted on to the Art Foundation course at Sussex Coast to continue their art studies - we wish them well. The Year 11 work showed a lot of skill and maturity such as Oliver’s large screen print of fruit and Dylan’s detailed drawing of his pet using mixed media. I would like to thank all those who attended and wish all Year 11 and 13 further success in the future.”

To view the slideshow please click on a thumbnail below.