Scholarship Application Form for Performing Arts and Sports

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to tell you that Ark have provided some funding for a few Sports and Arts Scholarships. This is to recognise exceptional achievement or potential in sports and the arts, and therefore, it will be measured through an application process. The closing date for application forms is Friday 7th December 2018. A printable version of the form can be found here. We welcome all applications however, funding will be limited.

Scholarship email application form for Performing Arts and Sports

The latest letter from Yvonne Powell, Executive Principal, can be found here.

Hollywood Glamour sets the scene for the Year 11 Prom

The rain subsided and the sun came out to welcome Ark William Parker and Ark Helenswood students to their Year 11 Prom.

The glamorous young women and dashing young men arrived in classic and innovative modes of transport. These included an array of cars ranging from vintage cars and 1950’s Cadillacs to a camper van and Lamborghini; not to mention a daring entrance by one student who rode in on his trusty steed, cantering a lap of honour around the field, before dismounting to join his peers for an evening of celebration. 

The theme of this year’s event was Hollywood Glamour and the students certainly did not disappoint. The students all looked stunning as the sashayed along the red carpet to be met by their proud teachers, support staff and members of the senior leadership team.

The evening was a great success; the students had fun in the photo booth, enjoyed a delicious chocolate fountain and scrumptious buffet and danced the night away to music provided by the DJ. A highlight of the evening was the spectacular firework display watched by all the guests before they headed back for their final dances.

Head of Year 11 Mr Baker said, “It’s a proud day when you see your year group arrive, they look so grown up. They have been an amazing group of people to work with and I wish them a happy and fulfilled future.”

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