An engaging performance on how to be streetwise

An entertaining way to learn about road safety.

Year 7 students at Ark William Parker Academy explored pedestrian road safety in an engaging way during their first PSHRE (Personal Social Health and Religious Education) drop down day.

Every year Performance in Education visit the academy to reinforce the road safety message that students often receive at primary school. The aim is to inform students of issues that affect them as pedestrians and help them to remain safe around roads.

The theatre production was led by three performing artists and focussed on the potential consequences of lapses in concentration and risk taking behaviour around roads. There was an entertaining mixture of lively theatre, mask work, audience participation and statistics about road accidents. The engaging presentation explored how to stay safe when walking home during the evening, the dangers of using mobile phones and whether it is appropriate to wear headphones and listen to music whilst near busy roads.

Mrs Iglinski PSHRE coordinator commented, “We want new students to understand how to be safe, especially as, for many students, it may be the first occasion when they walk or travel to and from school on their own. This theatrical presentation always captivates our students and they actively engage in the scenario being acted out. This annual event was very useful indeed, covering many pertinent topics; engaging the students with excellent interactive delivery.”

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