A Powerful Performance for Passengers

Year 10 students at Ark William Parker Academy had their awareness raised when they watched 'The Passenger', a powerful and thought-provoking performance about Road Safety.

The presentation by Box Clever Theatre centred around two characters - 17 year old students, Sammy and Gary. The scene was set and the audience were totally engaged as the events leading up to their sixth form Prom were played out. As the gripping story unfolded, the characters interacted with students using an original witness statement, reports and statistics. Students were questioned on how many young people may be involved in an accident in the first year of driving - they were surprised to find it is 1 in 5!

By the end of the compelling drama, students were more aware of the consequences of decisions they may make, either as new drivers or passengers. 

Teacher Collette Iglinski said "Having a performance that sets a scene and uses humour helped our boys to explore a challenging issue. They now understand the importance of voicing their concerns should they ever find themselves in a similar situation to Sammy and Gary. The show was a creative way of looking at whether passengers can stop risky behaviours and the need for everyone to take responsibility for their actions." 

Student Yousuf said “I think the greatest aspect of the play was when we were told it was a true story. It made more of us rethink everything. To ensure we are as safe as possible, we should always wear a seatbelt and never use the phone when driving.”

Student Tom, who really enjoyed the show and thought the acting was great, also commented that you shouldn’t drink and drive or distract the driver.