Raising awareness for the impact of Cancer

On the last day of term, Ark William Parker students became ‘hairy’ for a good cause.

Assemblies which focused on giving and compassion for others had been held during the last week of term. Students linked this theme to raise money for their house charities and to raise awareness for cancer and its treatment. With the likely side effects of treatment being the loss of hair, students showed their empathy by wearing beards and moustaches for the day.

Students raised money for their house charity by each giving a 50p donation to wear extra hair. They showed initiative and creativity by sporting a range of beards and moustaches produced in all different media. The 3 houses - Parker, Saxon and Saunders support Demelza Hospice Care for Children, Macmillan Cancer Support and Unicef. 

Assistant Head Nick Burchell, who has a real handlebar moustache said “Our students have shown a lot of enthusiasm and creativity. I am impressed by their compassion, awareness and understanding of cancer in relation to people’s loss of hair and the impact on their families.”