UK Rap artist Guvna B performs at a special assembly

As part of the schools Christian distinctiveness Year 7 and 8 were involved in a 2 hour assembly on the last day of term. On this day, which is known as Maundy Thursday for Christians, students listened to  a different message on Christian beliefs about Easter.  

Austin Woods started the assembly by sharing an Easter message with students participating in some Maths around the prophecy of the Messiah. There were plenty of guesses by students and chocolate rewards for their interaction.

This was followed by a performance by Guvna B a UK Rap artist, who explained his story and spoke about how faith has led him to become the artist he is. Below is a link to a piece he performed in the assembly.

Guvna B will be performing at the Stade on Saturday as part of the events in Hastings over Easter weekend.

For the last part of the assembly students observed 10 American Christian university students perform a short play on ‘Sin’.

Many thanks to Austin Woods and Steve Waller for helping to coordinate an event that was so engaging for our young people.