House Tower Block Challenge

All house tutor groups in Years 7-10, were set the challenge of designing a ‘machine’ that could transport an egg from the windows of the tower block to the ground, with the egg remaining intact.

Each group were supplied with specific materials: newspaper, paper clips, drinking straws, string, A3 sheet of card and toilet roll cardboard insert. Heads of House then chose which two inventions went forward to the final to represent their House. There was an array of creations including parachutes, boxes and aeroplanes.

The final challenge.

The sun was full in the sky but, don’t be fooled, there was a fresh North Easterly blowing. Air traffic control had given clearance so let the tower block challenge commence. Parker, Saunders, Saxon, Parker, Saunders, Saxon, who would prevail?

The challenge commenced on the first floor, with kind assistance from the site team. Round one saw three of the finalists illuminated, egg yolk aplenty.

The remaining three teams progressed to the top floor.

Parker - egg away, a heavy landing resulting in cracking to the crown.

Saunders - away, oh no, smashed to pieces.

Saxon - wow, it’s going to land on the roof of the sixth form common room. No it’s not, the winds dropped, flutter flutter, softly to the ground, egg intact, champions, ole, ole, ole, ole.

The winning team were: Tyrone, Kian, Chris, Matt, Rashad and Rhys.