A Beneficial First Aid Experience

Our Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) students led a First Aid event which involved all of our Year 7 students.

The 18 DofE students set up 10 activities ranging from a simple cut to the recovery position and CPR. They taught basic first aid to the Year 7s and then assisted and guided the boys who were actively engaged practicing their new training on each other. There was a real buzz of excitement at the event with students keen to try a new skill and then apply it to a set up situation. Even some supervising staff were encouraged by the students to become casualties so they could show what they had learnt.

Mr Burchell who organised the event said, “The First Aid session is one of our Parker 10 events - 10 activities that we feel will enrich and benefit our students outside the normal curriculum. By the time our students leave the academy they will have all experienced each activity.

It was fantastic to see both the maturity of the older boys in their delivery as well as the engagement and enthusiasm of the younger students being mentored by older students. I think everybody involved came away with something very positive.”

The Year 10 students were a credit to the academy showing off their skills and demonstrating how far they have come this year, in terms of confidence and ability as part of the Duke of Edinburgh programme. The Year 7 students were fully aware of the importance of this training and how, at some time in their lives, it may have to be used either for something quite simple or in an extreme case where their knowledge may save someone’s life.

At the end of the session the Year 10 students presented the Year 7 students with participation certificates. The learning achieved from this session will be followed up next year as Year 8 students within their PSHE programme.

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