Students work on show at the Jerwood Gallery

This year Ark William Parker have been involved in a project with the Jerwood Gallery called The Pearls of the Sea. This is where primary and secondary schools are invited to visit the Gallery and view different exhibitions through the year.

This academic year, the classes viewed work by Paula Rego and Gus Cummings which were exceptional. On their visit they were lucky enough to be involved in a collage workshop and drawing workshops led by local artist Olivia Bishop. This work led to further classroom work resulting in superb outcomes. T

he work was exhibited at the Jerwood Gallery from the 14th to the 18th June. The work on show included Year 10 etchings based on self-portraiture and Year 9 based around depth and perspective influenced by the work of Gus Cummings.  

A message from the Jerwood Gallery - An exciting exhibition update; we are extending the show!

It will stay up until next week (Monday 25th June) and be open to the public during gallery opening hours.

This is due to the huge amount of interest that members of the general public have shown, as well as the brilliant turn out over the weekend from parents and students. They absolutely love the work, and have been so complimentary about every single group. There have even been offers to buy a couple of the pieces!

Thank you all so much for your dedication and brilliant work. It’s such a tribute to the students that the work is being shown for longer and I am so happy that it will stay up for more people to see. Your schools have brightened up the gallery and the quality of the work is outstanding!

Colleagues, parents and carers can still visit the exhibition for free over the coming week and at the weekend. As before, they just need to come to the desk and note the name of the school that they are there for.