Primary students enjoy a Duke of Edinburgh themed day

Last week, we welcomed primary students to the first of a number of transition days for incoming Year 6 students. The day was based around the principals of the Duke of Edinburgh programme where students developed teamwork skills, improved a physical activity, learnt how to put up tents, practiced their first aid skills, worked on their catering skills  and completed an orienteering task to replicate the expedition phase of the programme.

The day was fully supported by Year 10 students who are taking part in the Bronze DofE programme at the academy. With the activities on a carousel there was very little down time for the Year 6s. They got to work with students they had never met from other schools and for some new friends were made in readiness for September.

With over 120 primary students attending, the Year 10s demonstrated exactly what skills and confidence they had developed, leading and demonstrating many of the activities, supported by academy staff.

The feedback showed that students took away positive memories of the day and some confidence in readiness for their transition to a new school. They also took away cakes that they had made during the cooking skills element. A fantastic and enjoyable day was had by all.

Primary school student Joshua said “I’ve really loved the day, especially cooking as I already do a lot of it. I enjoyed making new friends like Cameron from Blacklands. It was good to spend time with friends and have fun doing it.  I learnt some first aid and what to do in an emergency. I used to find map reading confusing before but now I can, as I learnt how to read a map in the orienteering session. I liked playing football after I had my lunch too.”

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