Creating a more resilient student

Students had great fun whilst developing their resilience with a variety of outdoor activities.

Resilience education tries to instil habits that lead to a successful outcome. With students increasingly being placed under a range of pressure situations in their school lives, Ark William Parker has noted that at times students do not have the skills or experience to find a way through these difficulties.

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 spent three days taking part in a programme based around the theme of resilience. The students had to face up to a number of increasingly challenging and difficult activities. The focus was around accepting that failure is all part of being successful as long as you have time to reflect and then move forward and try again.

Resilience is a learned ability just like any other skill and can be built and developed by anyone.

The day was set up for students to find out about themselves, facing challenges, some easier and others very difficult. They looked at how they could work to overcome a number of situations, working together, supporting each other but mostly how they remained positive and looked to be successful. If they failed they were taught to remain positive and then look to learn from it and move on to be successful on their next challenge.

Joshua from Year 9 said, “It was really fun but at the same time very challenging, especially the minefield activity. I was pleased that I never gave up and tried my best to complete all the tasks.”

Nick Burchell Assistant Principal who had organised the three days said, “It has become far too easy for students today to give up and not really push themselves. These three days demonstrated that students, when not afraid of failure, are very capable of managing challenging tasks and can be successful. It was fantastic to see how determined they were to just complete tasks and not worry if they were not successful first time around.”

These days are just part of a programme of activities planned at the academy for students to develop determination, resilience and high aspirations.