A warm welcome for Dutch visitors

Eighteen Dutch students and 2 teachers from Scholengemeenschap Reigersbos (SGR) in Holland visited ARK William Parker Academy, to explore educational differences.

On arrival, the students and staff were welcomed by Associate Principal Caroline Longhurst. They were then taken on a tour by Year 11 ARK William Parker ‘Heroes’ and observed lessons in science, BTEC PE and the Anti-crime workshop. The Dutch students also experienced lunch in the academy dining area. At the end of the day students from SGR and ARK William Parker met to discuss the similarities and differences with regards to learning in their respective schools.

Issac van Groenestein said “I love the House system with the competitions; it encourages working together as a community with all ages. I like your uniforms too; we don’t wear uniforms at our school.” He went on to say “It has been fun. The school is nice and full of activity. We have felt very welcome and would love to come back.”

Other students commented, “The school is very different to ours; there are not many girls and there is more green space and fields for sport.”

“The facilities at ARK William Parker are better than ours.”

An ARK William Parker student said, “It was interesting to find out that some of their lessons such as Geography and History are taught in English.”