GCSE success for students

Students from Ark Helenswood and Ark William Parker are celebrating a strong and significantly improved set of GCSE results.

The number of students achieving the new benchmark score of 4 or better on their GCSEs (including English and Maths) - equivalent to the old C grade - has risen at both schools.

Ark Helenswood Academy, already the highest performing school in Hastings, saw further impressive improvement in results, rising 8 percentage points up from 58% to 66%, above national average.

At Ark William Parker Academy results are also on the up, rising from 44% to 49%, a marked improvement for the school.

Yvonne Powell, Executive Principal of Ark Helenswood and Ark William Parker, said: ‘This is a very strong set of results for both schools. Attainment overall has significantly improved on last year. What makes it even more special is that this is in the face of much harder GCSE exams this year. Overall, both schools are getting better and better, year on year. Congratulations to all our students who have worked so hard to achieve this, as well as their dedicated teachers.’

GCSE results now use the new attainment grade with 9 being the highest.

At Ark William Parker Academy some of the top performers in this year’s GCSEs were:

Mohammad Adi who achieved 1x A**, 1x A*, 4x 9s, 3x 7s, 1x 5. He said ‘I have had a really good experience at William Parker, it’s been my second home. I’ve made friends for life here. I’m very proud and actually amazed that I have done so well. Villiers Park helped me to aim high. I hope to go to Cambridge University and eventually become a surgeon.’ He’s back to the Ark 6th Form to study A Levels.

Adam MacLean who achieved ‘1x A, 1x 8, 3x 7s, 5x 6s, said ‘I was nervous, but my parents were even more nervous. I’m really pleased with what I have got, I’m ecstatic.’ He is off to Bexhill College to study A levels in Ancient History, Economics and Government and Politics.

Ben Steadman who achieved 1x 9, 2x 8s, 2x 7s and 4x 6s, said 'My nervousness was followed by happiness. I was surprised and glad to see that my results were higher than I expected.'

Azim Khan achieved 1x 9, 1x A*, 3x 7s, 1x A, 1x 6 and 3x 5s. His parents were very happy and said 'We are really proud of his achievement and are very thankful to his teachers.' 

Richie Davis, whose mum was overjoyed, achieved 1x 8, 1 x 7 and 7x 6s. He said 'I was extremely nervous this morning, so was my mum. I was hoping to get the results that I had worked so hard for; when I opened my envelope, I was so relieved that I had done so well! I could not have done this without this school and I would like to give a big thank you to all my teachers.'

Other top Ark William Parker students were:

Josh Csobonas who achieved 1x 9, 2x 8s, 2x 7s, 1x B, 1x 6 and 2x 5s.

Harry Gunther who achieved 1x 8, 1x A, 3x 7s, 1x 6 an 2x 5s.

Hamza Husain who achieved 1x A*, 1x 8, 4x 7s, 3x 6s and 1x 5.

Ollie Brooks who achieved 1x A*, 5x 7s and 3x 6s.

Ryan Webb who achieved 1x A*, 4x 7s, 4x 6s and 1x B.

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