How to be safe in extreme sports

In July all students were involved in a PSHE drop down day, which focused on enterprise and careers.

Year 7-9 worked on a project to devise a snack product for one of the world cup countries alongside planning, cost, advertising and packaging. One student said, "What I enjoyed about the day was working in a team to come up with our product and competing to produce the best product."

The focus for Year 10 was learning about careers and writing CVs and their personal statements.

Some students participated in workshops on preventing homelessness with YMCA Unique and exploring issues around alcohol with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Each year group also had a presentation from Rob Poyser from the ‘Extreme mountain bike show” www.extrememountainbikeshow. The aim was to identify how to ride safely in extreme sports. Rob showed students his trials bike and explained that he had been competing for over 20 years across the UK and Europe. He demonstrated a number of tricks while emphasising the important of safety.

In each session and with a brave staff volunteer, Rob demonstrated how safe the brakes are on his bike – again, emphasising the need for safe riding. There were some tense moments for the audience who were concerned that the bike would not stop as he got closer and closer to the member of staff.  One boy was heard saying "It was a little scary at one point as I didn’t think he would stop."

Rob then demonstrated his balancing skills on three different height stools and had the audience cheering him on as he jumped over a high jump on his bike. He also performed tricks getting on and off the top of his van.

Students enjoyed the presentation; one student said that watching the Extreme Bike presentation showed that you can do tricks and still ride safely.

Teacher Mrs Iglinski said "We were very fortunate to be able to secure this presentation through the Health improvement grant which will also deliver sessions alongside Sustrans (East Sussex charity to encourage cycle to school and work schemes). Next year students will participate in a cycle to school and walk to school week."