An entertaining way to become streetwise

Year 7 students were engaged by a performance at ARK William Parker Academy about being 'streetwise' pedestrians. The aim of the theatre production, called ‘Streetwise’, was to help students remain safe when using roads as pedestrians. With an entertaining mixture of lively theatre, mask work, audience participation and statistics about road accidents, the students were reminded of the dangers of using mobile phones and listening to music whilst near busy roads. 

The rationale behind this event was to highlight the risks of injury and death to young people whilst out and about, with local government statistics indicating the age range of students most at risk from being involved in an accident is between the ages of 12 and 15 years of age.

Jay-Dee Goodsell said, “It was really funny and interesting. I usually look before crossing the road but now I will listen as well.”

Robbie Holmes said, “I’ve done a lot of road safety before, but this was a lot better, with really good actors and a road safety stage.”