A thought-provoking passenger safety performance

Year 10 students learnt about passenger safety through a powerful and thought-provoking theatrical performance. Theatre company Box Clever performed ‘The passenger’, a highly engaging and interactive play that resonates emotionally with young people.

The play told the story of teenagers Gary and Sammy and the events leading up to a devastating crash. As the drama unfolded, the students were presented with familiar and recognisable actions and the stark consequences of decisions that they may make, either as passengers or novice drivers.

Students heard original witness statements; they heard how accidents impact and effect everyone – from those directly involved to the general public, from family and friends to those attending the crash scene. The moving and eye-opening presentation also included news reports and statistics relevant to our local area. 

To the amusement of the audience, two students had the opportunity to play a part in the presentation. They successfully avoided risky behaviour, peer pressure and other distractions that could contribute to unfortunate consequences on the road.

Student Joe said “The greatest impact of the performance for me was the emotional connection to the victim. I know how important it is to wear a seatbelt and remove distractions from the driver to ensure car journeys are as safe as possible.”

Another student commented that he felt the most impact when the woman got run over, as it felt very real.

Assistant Principal Darrel Barsby said “I would like to thank Box Clever for this outstanding road safety presentation. The theatrical event was a roaring success, our students gained an understanding on the dangers of unsafe driving and were reminded that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

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