Young writers have their work published!

We are celebrating fantastic news! Eight of our students have had their poems published in a book called “The Poetry Games - Voices from the South” after they took part in a national Young Writers competition.

Young Writers invited secondary schools across the UK to enter students into their Poetry Games competition. They could write a poem in any style and play with language as they wanted to, as long as they delivered a powerful, passionate poem proving that the pen is mightier than the sword. This offered young writers the exciting prospect of discovering where their imaginations could take them and to write for what they believe in! From voicing their opinions to what ignites a passion within, to be inspired by something or someone that really matters to them. 

Librarian Kimbley Firth said “Students found this a creative and productive way to express themselves using the power of the pen. It really engaged our students and encouraged them to read and write poetry. Our young poets have created verse filled with passion and expression; each poem is full of creativity, technique and skill. We are proud to see what our students have produced. Who knows, we may soon be able to say ‘I went to the same school as.....!’”

Jake whose poem was based on war, said “It came as a shock to hear that my work was being published. I’m very pleased to see my poem in print.”

Alex said “My writing was based on social media. When I heard my work was published, I was kind of surprised and now I feel quite proud to see my work printed in a book.”