Raising awareness with a powerful performance of 'County Lines'

Ark William Parker students watched a powerful ‘County Lines’ performance, the aim of which was to raise their awareness around gang culture and peer influence.

The play specifically addressed the ‘County Lines’ drug trafficking model that sees vulnerable young people targeted by organised groups and gangs to groom, trick, trap and manipulate them into trafficking drugs and sometimes weapons. It demonstrated to students how an individual might find themselves involved in criminal activity, run by gangs.

During the performance students saw how two characters were influenced by another in order for them to be paid monies as ‘runners’ to carry drugs. It then looked at how this could quickly escalate into debt and other criminal activities such as knife crime.

Teacher Collette Iglinski said, “Year 9 and 10 students were chosen to watch this production as they have also been involved in the ‘know knives’ project. The aim of both these projects is to raise student’s awareness so they can recognise risky behaviours and avoid getting into difficult situations. We would like to thank Alter Ego Creative Solutions for their powerful, engaging and informative production.”