Having fun raising funds for St. Michael’s Hospice

Saxon House raises awareness for St. Michael’s Hospice’s Yellow Week

Saxon House took part in a variety of events in order to raise money and awareness for St. Michael’s Hospice’s Yellow Week. Saxon 6, 7 and 8 took part in their own sporting challenges which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

  • Saxon 6 completed a Basketball 3 pointer challenge where students had to attempt to score from beyond the three-point line in order to win a prize.
  • Saxon 7 students paid their way in to the foam pit, where students had to donate money in order to jump in to the pit.
  • Saxon 8, who raised just over £30, took part in the first ever ‘Cannon Your Tutor’ event where students donated money in order to kick a ball at Mr Martellini who was bent over in the goal.
  • Saxon 2 held a bingo event which was enjoyed by all of the students.

It was fantastic to see the generosity and enthusiasm of the students when raising money for charity. Saxon House are supporting St Michael’s Hospice throughout this academic year as their House Charity. These events raised nearly £60.00 and contribute towards our overall total.