Running for St Michaels Hospice

We are proud that a number of our students took part in the Hastings Half Marathon and Mini-run - they included Ben, Bobby, Ethan, Logan and Shain.

Year 7 student Logan, who ran the 2km in 9 minutes 57 seconds, said “My aunt wanted to run the Half Marathon, so I decided to take part too as I run cross country at school. I also wanted to help people and raise money for St Michaels Hospice - so far I have raised over £100.

“There were over 160 young people in the run and I finished in the top 20. As I headed towards the finish line, I saw a girl who was struggling so I gave her encouragement by telling her to keep going and that she could do it – and she did! When I saw my dad, I sprinted across the finish line!

“I like running and enjoyed the experience of taking part; I really appreciated the support and encouragement of the spectators and best of all – getting over the finish line. I am looking forward to taking part next year and I’m thinking about doing it carrying my brother in the army piggy back style!”

Year 9 student Ben, who finished in 6th place in 6 minute 45 seconds, said “I run cross country at school and I’m also in Hastings Athletics Club. I have been training hard in the last few months and really enjoyed taking part. The best bit was getting over the finish line! I want to take part in a National race soon and I also aim to run in the longer Half Marathon in 2 years time.”

Well done to all those who took part.