Children in Need 2014


On Friday, 14 November, ARK William Parker Academy had a Mufti day to raise funds for Children in Need. The student leadership group rose to the challenge and decided to organise a number of events.

During break and lunch time students took part in a competition to guess the number of balloons in the Mini which was kindly supplied by a member of staff.  Students even used their Maths skills to find the answer by working out the volume of the car and the volume of a balloon.

In another event twenty staff volunteered snippets of information about themselves. Students had to guess who the teacher was, and to add to the challenge they also had to use a little geography and locate the numbered Pudsey sticker as well. Some of the facts included which male teacher is qualified as a masseur, which teacher was in a boy band and which member of staff has completed the highest bungee jump in the world. The students may have found out a little bit more about the staff that they did not know before.

A "Name the Pudsey" competition was held in the library; the winner will win the Pudsey bear.

Ms Iglinski, PSHEE and Church Schools Coordinator, said, "Well done to the student leadership group for rising to the challenge of making the day more than just non-uniform. Oh, and finally, well done to Mr Toye whose mufti was to come dressed as an ARK William Parker boy!"

The total raised for Children in Need is £693.13.