Let's create a better internet together

Hastings, secondary school, safer internet day

Our school, in Hastings, joined hundreds of other organisations across the UK by supporting Safer Internet Day (SID) 2015 to promote the safe and responsible use of technology. The day gave staff and students the opportunity to focus upon both the creative and positive things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role that we all play in helping to create a better internet. 
In celebration of SID, students and staff at the Academy have been making pledges to “make the internet a better place”. Pledges ranged from helping someone with their privacy settings, writing a friendly email, setting up anti-virus software to reporting cyberbullying. All pledges have been put on display, this week, following last week’s E-Safety training and PSHE lessons. 

Year 7 students made their pledges on Tuesday. Seth Brookes pledged to help a friend who is getting cyberbullied on his Xbox; when asked how he was going to do this, Seth said “I’m going to report the cyberbully through Xbox and I now know how to do this.” Riyadh Ul-Hoque has pledged to “…be kind and nice and always have a positive attitude online.” and Craig Brett has pledged to “…never send negative messages online; set his privacy settings on social networking and make sure that he knows who he is talking to online at all times.” Also, William Cramp has pledged to report cyberbullies using the CEOP “click and report” link, at the top of our website, if he needs to.

The academy has also pledged to help the local business community to make a better internet. Ms Welch has pledged to help D’s Creative Cakes to access her new website, www.deescreativecakes.co.uk. The site has been created by a professional web design company, but Dee Harrison and her staff want some help to change images and content, themselves, in the future. Ms Welch has also pledged to help Fleur De’Lynn, owned by Lynn Carter, by helping her to make better use of her iPad to help their wedding clients when selecting flower arrangements.

Ms Welch, E-Safety Officer of Ark William Parker Academy, said “The internet receives so much negative press, yet delivers so many fantastic opportunities. It is not the technology, but the people who use it, that will make a difference. Being involved in Safer Internet Day 2015 gives us the opportunity, as a whole school community, to come together and get involved in playing our part to create a better internet.” 
Students and staff continued to make their pledges for the remainder of the week to raise awareness and help to “make the internet a better place”.