ARK William Parker scoop awards at Model United Nations

On 13th December, 11 students from ARK William Parker Academy, and Parkwood 6th Form, attended ARK School’s 2nd Model United nations (MUN) conference, at King Solomon Academy in London, and swept the board, winning 7 out of 13 awards, including “most outstanding performance” from any academy.

The theme of the conference was “Protecting Our Future: Preparing for the Threats of Climate Change”, addressing the topics of ‘Water Security in the Age of Climate Change’, ‘Poverty, Climate Change and the Environment’ and ‘Adaption for Climate Impacts and Natural Disasters’. Students from ARK William Parker Academy (AWPA) and Parkwood represented the delegations of Germany, North Korea (DPRK), Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Students were required to submit ‘position papers’ that outlined their country’s view on the issues and suggested resolutions on how to solve the problems. Many took a leadership role within alliances and working parties, as well as guiding students with less MUN experience.

The outcome of the day was that 75% of all resolutions produced by AWPA, and Parkwood 6th form, passed the committee stage, with all students contributing to debate. The hard work and dedication of Dylan Buckingham (Pakistan); Tom Hitchings (DPRK) - won “notable mention” in UNFCC; Joe Perry (Saudi Arabia) -  won “best position paper” in UNEP; Joel Williams (Saudi Arabia) - won “best delegate” in UNDP; Alice Evans (DPRK) - won “notable mention” in UNDP; Abdul Khabazzeh (DPRK); Omar Khabazzeh (Saudi Arabia) - won “best position paper” in UNFCC; Jamie Hall (Germany); Jack Bloomfield (Pakistan); Harry Ames (Germany) - won “notable mention” in UNEP and Kieran Gibbs (Germany). All contributed to AWPA demonstrating excellence in the field of debate.