Students celebrate World Book Day

On Thursday, 6th of March, ARK William Parker Academy celebrated ‘World Book Day’ by dropping all work for fifteen minutes to read. As the clock struck one, students and staff were found reading everything from books and magazines to comics and newspapers. Classrooms were filled with students relishing their fifteen minutes and immersing themselves in the world of books. A quick visit to food technology and construction classes found students having a cheeky read whilst taking a break from cooking, washing up and painting.

World Book Day gave students a fantastic opportunity to take part in a great event and celebrate authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, reading. It gave them time to share books, they enjoy and love reading, with their friends. Many teachers brought in books they were reading, at home, and had pleasure reading them at the Academy.

The aim of World Book Day is to encourage people all over the world to appreciate and explore the pleasures of books and reading. Mrs Brennan, English teacher, said “Not only can it improve your English - it is enjoyable too!”