Hastings students win bicycles for eating healthily in school

Two students have been presented with brand new bicycles for eating healthily during a promotion at Ark William Parker Academy. The promotion was organised by Accent Catering, who provide fresh food at the academy, and it has been a great success.

Students were encouraged to make healthy eating choices by being rewarded with points for choosing healthier options. Two bicycles were on offer to the students who gained the most points in Years 7-9 and Years 10-11.  Over several weeks, they accumulated points at break and lunch times and, with the prospect of owning a new bike, they eagerly consumed plenty of nutritious food.

Year 8 student, Sammy, was thrilled to be presented with his bicycle and said “I’m really happy and surprised that I won the bike. I could really do with it as my old one needs replacing. The promotion encouraged me to eat more healthily and I will keep doing so.”

An extremely happy Year 11 student, Dan, who received the other bike said “The initiative provided an opportunity to eat healthily with the incentive of a great prize at the end.”

Michelle Watson, Accent Catering, said “The concept was well received and got boys thinking more about choosing the right foods. Eating well is important for all of us. In the short term it can help us to feel good, look our best and stay at a healthy weight, and in the long term, a healthy diet can reduce ill health. At Accent Catering we are committed to delivering healthy food.”