A life changing experience for sixth form volunteers!

A life changing experience in Uganda - follow our sixth form volunteers on twitter - click here


In the early hours of Tuesday, 1st April, a group from ARK William Parker Academy Sixth Form set off on an 11 day trip to Uganda. Through the Quicken Trust charity the 26 students, staff and 2 GPs are volunteering to work in the large village of Kabubbu. Whilst there, they will be taking part in various projects which include building, decorating and agriculture. They aim to visit families, assess their needs, and provide the most basic of essentials for survival e.g. mosquito nets, bedding, water butts, agricultural tools, seeds etc. They will also teach in the Primary and Secondary Schools, lead assemblies, and provide desperately needed teaching resources.

As well as helping and working with the residents of Kabubbu, the trip will give students the opportunity to learn about global issues, first hand. Students can develop skills in cultural awareness, communication, leadership, and teamwork, whilst building a close partnership with a local community in Africa. 

Working in Kabubbu is extremely challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally. It will be a life changing experience for many; a student from a previous trip stated that, ‘The trip to Kabubbu was beyond expectations. It was an amazing experience that was full of life-changing opportunities. Being able to work and play with the orphans was hugely rewarding, yet emotional at the same time. Seeing the development of our building challenge, throughout our trip, was incredibly encouraging, as we could all see the impact we were making. I came home with a new-found confidence and an appreciation of how much we have in our society. Working with the group was thoroughly enjoyable, and without a doubt I would love to return to Kabubbu to see any further developments.”

To keep up to date with the group’s progress you can follow them on twitter

More details about the work of the Quicken Trust in Kabubbu can be found on their website www.quickentrust.co

 Ready to go!  Made it to the airport. Terrible traffic...
 Waiting at gate A17  Checking in at Kabubbu
Meeting the first of the development challenge families Building a kiosk for the new primary playground
Assembly, Ugandan style Primary students are very happy with the football kits
Shaking their tail feathers! Graze agriculture project - putting their backs into it!
20 minute walk to fill the new water butt...  the water smells! Ugandan fruit and vegetable market