Getting young people excited about money

Year 9 students participated in a Money Twist MyBnk workshop at ARK William Parker Academy.

The workshop event consisted of three highly interactive and adaptive sessions building young people’s knowledge around basic finance and helping them engage with money:

  • My Money: History of money, security features of notes, currency and exchange rates.
  • My Choices: Budgeting, youth employment, minimum wage, needs and wants, risk and saving.
  • My Future: Interest, current and savings accounts, ethical banking, flow of money, consumer choice and future of money.

An award-winning programme, Money Twist involves writing, presenting, drawing, maths and problem- solving. Real life case studies are used, colourful resources, games and videos drawn from the relevant age group and popular culture, enabling students to explore and form their own opinions regarding their relationship with money. Activities cater for a variety of learning styles, with many extensions and variations.

Feedback from the students was extremely positive, with requests for similar events to be held in the near future.